Supermarkets, bakeries, dairy shops, butcher shops, etc. can be found in each neighborhood. A few foodstores are open on Sundays. Most towns have a farmers' market (tržnica), an interesting place to visit during the morning hours. Among items offered for sale are wild flowers, plants, herbs, fresh eggs, free-range live poultry, wild mushrooms, and all kinds of berries, depending on the season. Downtown, one can also find gift shops and stores specializing in crystal and china, linen, leather goods, shoes, etc. Boutiques are selling new fashions. Note that the merchandise purchased cannot be returned or exchanged as easily as in the United States. Newsstands carry cigarettes, postcards, and stamps. Prescription and over-the-counter drugs are available only in pharmacies (lekarna). Someone using a particular prescription drug should take along a supply for the trip.

Where is the antiques shop?
Kje je antikvariat?
Where is the bakery?
Kje je pekarna?

bank banka
barber shop brivec
beauty shop frizer
bookstore knjigarna
butcher shop mesar/mesnica
camera store foto trgovina
delicatessen delikatesa
department store (vele)blagovnica
dry cleaners kemična čistilnica
fish market ribarnica
flower shop cvetličarna
foodstore trgovina (z živili)
furrier krznar
healthfood store biotrgovina
jewelry store zlatar
newsstand kiosk/trafika
pharmacy lekarna/apoteka
post office pošta
shoe-repair shop čevljar
sporting goods store športna trgovina
supermarket samopostrežna trgovina
travel agency potovalna agencija
wine cellar vinotoč
xerox razmnoževanje/kseroks/ fotokopiranje

ODPRTO VSAK DAN 8-19 Open daily 8 a.m.-7 p.m.
OB SOBOTAH 8-13 Saturdays 8 a.m.-1 p.m.


You will find many attractive souvenirs (spominki) produced by local craftsmen in gift shops and other specialty stores: for example, black clay ceramics made by potters of Prekmurje, an area in the northeast of Slovenia, or much brighter earthenware from Lower Carniola, to the south of Ljubljana. Especially popular are decorated ceramic wine pitchers of all sizes called majolka. Pipes of richly inlaid wood with silver covers come from Bohinj (gorjuška čedra) as do the decorated cow bells (kravji zvonec). Idrija is known for lace (čipke) and Kropa for its wrought iron articles, such as candle holders and lighting fixtures. Both places are worth a visit. Beehive panels (11" x 5") depicting religious, historical themes and folk satire are unique examples of popular art. Original panels are rare, but excellent copies are available. The functional purpose of these decorated panels (panjske končnice) was to guide bees back to their own beehive. Modern beekeepers paint beehives in solid colors, which they say are easier for the bees to recognize. Beautiful cut crystal is made in Rogaška Slatina. Look for the Rogaška label affixed to each item. Rogaška crystal is sold by Tiffany of New York. Among embroidered articles you will find tea sets (tablecloth and napkins), blouses, dresses, and jackets. Wall hangings of brightly colored wool come in different sizes, from small squares to large rug-size pieces. Of Middle Eastern flavor are coffee sets: china demi-tasses in copper holders, Turkish coffee pot and a copper sugar bowl, all on a copper tray. For doll collectors there are dolls in Slovenian costume and for those wanting to keep their feet warm, woolen slippers with soft leather soles, in red or blue.

You are eligible for a tax-refund on the purchase of goods in value of more than 15,000 SIT. You can find the necessary information on the Internet.

I'd like ...
Rad bi ... / Rada bi (f.) ...
We'd like ...
Radi bi ...
I am looking for ...
Iščem ...
something made of glass from Hrastnik
kaj iz stekla iz Hrastnika

something made of wood from Ribnica
kaj iz lesa iz Ribnice

some crystal from Rogaška Slatina
kristal iz Rogaške Slatine

something in leather from Kamnik or Vrhnika
kaj usnjenega iz Kamnika ali Vrhnike

More vocabulary

some earthenware kaj lončenega
some ceramics kaj iz keramike
heart-shaped gingerbread lectovo srce
painted beehive panel panjsko končnico
milk jug latvico za mleko
Carniolan hand woven tote-bag kranjski cekar
traditional baking pan z žico vezan pekač
Carniolan umbrella kranjsko marelo
doll in Slovenian folk costume
        miniaturo slovenske narodne noše
miniature Slovenian hayrick miniaturo kozolca
miniature Slovenian hopechest miniaturo skrinje
lace from Idrija idrijske čipke
embroidered tablecloth vezen prt
embroidered blouse vezeno bluzo
hand-knitted sweater ročno pleteno jopico
traditional Slovenian scarf kmečko ruto
ladies'/men's folk costume žensko narodno nošo /
        moško narodno nošo

demijohn pletenko


A farmers' market (tržnica) is not only a place to shop for fresh fruit, vegetables, whole and ground grains, spices and flowers, but also a good place for finding original gifts and souvenirs. You will see a large display of wares offered by craftsmen from the countryside: decorated earthenware dishes, flower pots, garden tools—regular and child-size—wooden toys, wicker baskets, brooms, large and small buckets, natural as well as dyed wool, hand-knitted socks and mittens, goose down (puh), straw slippers, straw hats, and more. Wooden household utensils come from the area around Ribnica and are referred to as suha roba. Itinerant salesmen from Ribnica used to carry their goods backpack-fashion to distant towns and villages. You may find wooden figurines of these peddlers in a souvenir shop. Today Ribnica salesmen carry their wares in pick-up trucks to country fairs and farmers' markets. At the Ljubljana farmers' market behind the Cathedral, fruits and flowers are sold under brightly colored umbrellas. Butter, cheeses, cottage cheese made on farms, bread, and eggs are sold in an adjacent ancient hall. In wintertime farmers sell their home-made sauerkraut (kislo zelje) and sour turnips (kisla repa) from large oak barrels. For fish and fresh or smoked meats look in the arcades along Ljubljanica River. Come during the morning hours before the daily supply and hustle-bustle are gone.

How much are these? / How much is this?
Po čem so? / Po čem je?
200 tolars.
Dvesto tolarjev.
Per kilo? / Per piece?
Ena kila? / En kos?

Prices for fruit and vegetables are quoted by kilogram (about 2 lbs.) or by half kilogram (about 1 lb). Berries and nuts are sold by the liter (4 cups), ½ liter (2 cups) or ¼ liter (1 cup). Eggs are sold by the piece. In the fall grilled chestnuts are sold at the street corners:

A large/small portion of chestnuts, please.
Veliko mero kostanja, prosim. /
Malo mero kostanja, prosim.

Bolete (Slov. jurček) is a mushroom with a large brown cap, highly prized for its woody aroma. Small boletes are preserved in oil and served with hors d'oeuvres. Small golden chanterelle mushrooms are of apricot color and buttery flavor. Mushrooms must pass inspection before being put on the market. For vegetables, see also the previous chapter.

I would like one kilo of apples.
Prosim kilo jabolk.

More vocabulary

half kilo of cherries pol kile češenj
quarter kilo of grapes četrt kile grozdja
half liter of blueberries pol litra borovnic
one kilo of apricots eno kilo marelic
three quarters kilo of plums tri četrt kile češpelj
some pears nekaj hrušk
three peaches tri breskve
this watermelon tole lubenico
three nice boletes tri lepe jurčke
quarter liter of cultivated mushrooms četrt litra šampinjonov

Suha roba

How much do you want for this little wine barrel?
Koliko hočete za tale sodček?
Couldn't we agree on a lower price?
A ceneje ne bi šlo?
Give me this sifter / this bucket.
Dajte mi tole sito. /
Dajte mi tale škaf.


Slovenians love flowers (rože). You will see potted flowers, such as hanging Carniolan carnations (kranjski nageljni), on many windows and balconies. Housewives shopping in the farmers' market are likely to include a bunch of wild flowers or pussy willows in their purchases. Flowers or potted plants are popular gifts for all occasions: birthday (rojstni dan), nameday (god) or just when visiting friends or relatives. You should have no difficulty finding a flower shop (cvetličarna) selling flowers as well as indoor plants. Prices of flowers are quoted by the piece or the bunch. It is a custom to give flowers in odd-numbered sets (three, five, etc.).

How much is this cyclamen/azalea?
Koliko stane tale ciklama? /
Koliko stane tale azaleja?
How much are the roses?
Po čem so vrtnice?
violets vijolice
daisies marjetice
gladioluses gladiole
birds of paradise strelicije
Five carnations.
Pet nageljnov.
A bunch of wild cyclamens. / A bunch of dried flowers.
Šopek ciklam. / Šopek suhih rož.

Carnation is the Slovenian national flower, linden tree (lipa) the national tree. White, blue, and red—in this order—are the colors of the Slovenian national flag. Edelweiss (planika), which grows high in the Alps, is protected and forbidden to pick. Chrysantemums (krizanteme) are sold for the first of November—the All Saints' Day—to decorate graves.


Newsstands (trafika/kiosk) sell newspapers, magazines, bus-tokens and telephone cards, tobacco products, postcards, and postage stamps.

One/Two/Three/Four packs of Winston.
Ene winston. / Dvoje winston. / Troje winston. / Štiri winston.
No smoking
A pack of West.
A carton of Filter 57.
En zavoj filter sedeminpetdeset.
A carton, regular.
En zavoj, brez filtra.
A pack of good pipe tobacco. / A lighter. / Matches.
Zavojček dobrega tobaka za pipo. / Vžigalnik. / Vžigalice.
Do you have a light?
Imate ogenj?
Yes, here it is. / Sorry, I don't.
Ja, prosim. / Žal, nimam.
Would you like a cigarette?
Boste cigareto?
Yes, please.
Thanks, I don't smoke.
Hvala, ne kadim.
Do you smoke?


Beer, wine, and brandy are available in supermarkets and other foodstores. Meat is sometimes not prepackaged, and you have to ask the butcher for the cut you want. Bread, cheese, and sandwich meats are sold at the baked goods and delicatessen counters, respectively. Customers carry food from the store in their own shopping bags or ask the cashier for a plastic bag (Vrečko, prosim!), for which there is a small charge.

Excuse me, where do you have paper napkins?
Oprostite, kje imate papirnate prtičke?
Give me ...(, please)
Dajte mi ...(, prosim)

one loaf of white bread eno štruco belega (kruha)
one loaf of rye bread eno štruco črnega (kruha)
(literally: black bread)
half kilo of oatmeal bread pol kile ovsenega (kruha)
one round loaf of corn bread en hlebec koruznega (kruha)
half kilo of buckwheat bread pol kile ajdovega (kruha)
one French roll eno žemljo
two/three French rolls dve žemlji / tri žemlje
croissant kifeljček
poppy seed roll makovo štručko
pretzel presto
a bunch of bananas en šop banan
3 lemons tri limone
2 kilos of oranges dve kili pomara
Could you help me to find ...?
Mi pomagate najti ...?

peanuts kikiriki
waffles napolitanke
cookies piškote
candy bombone
instant farina instant zdrob
instant žganci instant žgance
instant oatmeal instant ovsene kosmiče
instant polenta instant polento
paper towels papirnate brisače
paper plates papirnate krožnike
plastic cups plastične kozarce
charcoal oglje
flashlight batteries vložke za baterijo
Half a kilo of beef. / Half a kilo of pork.
Pol kile govejega. / Pol kile svinjskega.
For steaks. / For grilling.
Za zrezke. / Za na žar.
1 lb. of ground meat for čevapčiči.
Pol kile mletega mesa za čevapčiče.

Two pairs of bratwurst.
Dva para pečenic.
A chicken.
Five chicken breasts.
Pet piščančjih prsi.
Four thighs.
Štiri bedra.
Dry salami. That one.
Suho salamo. Tisto.
½ lb. of cheese. This one.
Dvajset dek sira. Tegale.

Don't touch
Best when used before

More vocabulary

cream smetana
sour cream kisla smetana
butter maslo
cottage cheese skuta
eggs jajca


Excuse me, where do you keep toys/musical instruments?
Oprostite, kje imate igrače? /
Oprostite, kje imate glasbila?
Can I help you?
Vam lahko postrežem?
Just looking, thanks.
Samo malo gledam.
What would you like?
Kaj želite? / Želite, prosim?
I would like this tablecloth.
Rad bi tale prt. / Rada bi tale prt (f.).
Will there be anything else?
Želite še kaj drugega?
No, thanks, that will do.
Ne, hvala, to je vse.
Shall I wrap it up?
Naj zavijem?
Yes, please.
Ja, prosim.
Can you show me that hand bag?
Mi pokažete tisto torbico?
Do you carry leather jackets?
Imate usnjene jopiče?
What size do you want?
Kakšno številko bi pa radi?
My size.
Moje velikosti.
We don't carry it.
Do you have anything ...?
Imate kaj ...?

less expensive / of better quality cenejšega/boljšega
in lighter color / darker svetlejšega/temnejšega
brighter / not that bright bolj živega / ne tako živega
Take your pick.
Pay the cashier.
Plačate pri blagajni.
Thanks, I don't think I'll take it.
Hvala, ne bom vzel. / Hvala, ne bom vzela (f.).
I'll take it.
Vzel bom. / Vzela bom (f.).


Cosmetics and toiletries are available in department stores, supermarkets, pharmacies as well as in a drogerija or parfumerija. In Europe electric voltage is 220. An electric shaver (brivnik) bought in Europe, would be bivoltage (110 and 220 V).

I would like ...
Rad bi ... / Rada bi ... (f.)

toilet paper toaletni papir
sanitary napkins higienske vložke
tampons tampone
kleenex papirnate robčke
pre-moistened towels osvežilne robčke
diapers plenice
pacifier dudo
soap milo
shampoo šampon
cotton vato
razor blades britvice
shaving cream kremo za britje
after-shave lotion losjon po britju
tooth brush zobno krtačko
tooth paste zobno kremo
sunglasses sončna očala
suntan oil/lotion olje za sončenje /
       kremo za sončenje

      protection factor 6 zaščitni faktor šest
lipstick šminko
nail polish lak za nohte
perfume parfum
cologne kolonjsko vodo
hair pins lasne sponke
ponytail holders elastike za lase
hair spray lak za lase
vaseline vazelin
hydrogen peroxide vodikov peroksid
men's/women's deodorant moški deodorant /
      ženski deodorant

cream kremo
skin cream kremo za kožo
hand cream kremo za roke
face cream kremo za obraz
for dry/moist/normal skin kremo za suho kožo /
       za mastno kožo / za normalno kožo


All popular brands of films and video-cassettes are sold in Slovenia. Some photo shops will process your prints or slides in an hour. Developing is not included in the price of film.

A roll of color film for prints/slides,
En barvni film za slike. / En barvni film za diapozitive,
     35 mm,
     petintrideset milimetrov,
     24/36 exposures,
     štiriindvajset posnetkov / šestintrideset posnetkov,
     100/200 ASA.
     sto ASA / dvesto ASA.
Prints, please. Regular size. One of each.
Slike, prosim. Standardne velikosti. Po eno.
Do the developed slides come with frames or without?
Je razvijanje z okvirčki ali brez?
How long will it take for prints?
Kdaj bodo slike?
A battery for my camera. This size.
Baterijo za aparat. Take velikosti.
My camera is not working. Where can they fix it?
Moj aparat je pokvarjen. Kje ga lahko popravijo?


Do you carry any English language newspapers?
Imate kakšen angleški časopis?
Do you have an English tourist guide for Slovenia?
Imate angleški turistični vodič po Sloveniji?

Do you have an English-Slovenian and Slovenian-English dictionary?
Imate angleško-slovenski in slovensko-angleški slovar?

Do you have a city map? / Do you have a list of streets?
Imate načrt mesta? / Imate seznam ulic?

Do you have a highway map? / Do you have a tourist map?
Imate avtokarto? / Imate turistični zemljevid?
Do you have anything on Slovenia in English?
Imate kaj o Sloveniji v angleščini?
I would like a record (CD) with Slovenian polkas by the Avsenik band.
Prosim, ploščo (cede) s slovenskimi polkami od Avsenikov.

I would like a cassette with Slovenian polkas by the Slak band.
Prosim, kaseto s slovenskimi polkami od Slakov.

I would like a cassette with Slovenian folk songs by the Slovenian Octet.
Prosim, kaseto s slovenskimi ljudskimi pesmimi od Slovenskega okteta.

I would like a record (CD) with Slovenian rock music.
Prosim ploščo (cede) s slovensko rok glasbo.
Picture post cards. Ten.
Razglednice. Deset.
Envelopes and greeting cards.
Ovojnice in voščilnice.
A cassette for a recorder.
Kaseto za magnetofon.
ball-point pen kemični svinčnik
pencil svinčnik
notebook zvezek
stationery pisemski papir


Modern gold jewelry is manufactered by Zlatarna of Celje, with stores in Ljubljana and other cities.

Could you show me this ring?
Mi pokažete tale prstan?

bracelets zapestnice
brooches broške
this pendant tale obesek
these (clip-on) earrings tele uhane (na zaponko)
Is this chain in gold/silver?
Je tale verižica zlata? /
Je tale verižica srebrna?
How many carats?
Koliko karatov?
This is silver-plated/gold-plated.
To je posrebreno. /
To je pozlačeno.


Elan skis, manufactured in Begunje near Bled enjoy worldwide reputation. High quality Alpina-brand ski boots are manufactured in Žiri. Both firms have factory outlets attached to their plants. You can buy ski equipment and other sporting goods in department stores and in specialized sporting goods stores.

Could you help me select (a pair of) downhill skis?
Mi pomagate izbrati alpske smuči?

Could you help me select cross-country skis?
Mi pomagate izbrati tekaške smuči?

ski poles smučarske palice
ski boots, size 10 pancerje, številka deset
I would like a ski jacket.
Rad bi smučarsko bundo. /
Rada bi smučarsko bundo


Where is a clothing store?
Kje je modna trgovina?

Where is the clothing department?
Kje je modni oddelek?
OTROŠKA OBLAČILA Children's wear
I would like a jacket.
Rad bi suknjič.

I would like a pair of pants.
Rad bi hlače.

shirt srajco
T-shirt majico
wool stockings volnene nogavice
wool pullover volnen pulover
wool sweater volneno jopico
I would like women's suit.
Rada bi ženski kostim (f.).

one-piece swim suit enodelne kopalke
two-piece swim suit dvodelne kopalke
panties hlačke
dress obleko
panty hose hlačne nogavice
swim suit kopalke
brassiere modrček
babushka ruto
blue jeans kavbojke
blouse bluzo
Can I try this rain/light/winter coat?
Lahko pomerim tale dežni plašč? /
Lahko pomerim tale letni plašč?/
Lahko pomerim tale zimski plašč?
What is it made of?
Iz česa je?
Is it made of linen/polyester?
Ali je iz platna? /
Ali je iz sintetike?
I would like cotton underpants / cotton undershirt.
Prosim, bombažne spodnje hlače. /
Prosim, bombažno spodnjo majico.
What size?
Katera številka?
It is for me.
Where can I try it?
Kje lahko pomerim?
Does it fit?
Je prav?
It is too narrow / too wide.
Preozko je. / Preširoko je.
It is too long / too short.
Predolgo je. / Prekratko je.
I need a smaller size. / I need a larger size.
Rabim manjšo številko. / Rabim večjo številko.
What color?
Kakšne barve?
Red./Blue. (See other colors.)
Something like that with long/short sleeves.
Nekaj takega z dolgimi rokavi. /
Nekaj takega s kratkimi rokavi.

More choices

without sleeves brez rokavov
with pockets z žepi
with lining s podlogo
with buttons z gumbi
with a zipper z zadrgo
I would like to buy a leather purse.
Rada bi kupila usnjeno torbico (f.).

wallet/billfold denarnico
pair of gloves rokavice
sewing accessories šivalni pribor
this kind of buttons takele gumbe
belt pas
umbrella dežnik
scarf šal
I would like to buy an attache case / a necktie.
Rad bi kupil diplomatski kovček. /
Rad bi kupil kravato.
I am looking for a fabrics and notions store.
Iščem tekstilno trgovino in galanterijo.
Do you carry any new items in the Mura clothes line?
Imate kakšne nove kroje iz Mure?
May I get the tax refund form?
Lahko dobim obrazec za povrnitev davka?


American 10 12 14 16 18 20
British 32 34 36 38 40 42
Continental 38 40 42 44 46 48

American 8 8.5 9 9.5 10 10.5
British 8 8.5 9 9.5 10 10.5
Continental 0 1 2 3 4 5

American 6 7 8 9
British 4.5 5.5 6.5 7.5
Continental 37 38 40 41


Amer./British 36 38 40 42 44 46
Continental 46 48 50 52 54 56

Amer./British 15 16 17 18
Continental 38 41 43 45

Amer./British 5 6 7 8 8.5 9 9.5 10 11
Continental 38 39 41 42 43 43 43 44 44


ŽENSKA OBUTEV Ladies' wear
OTROŠKA OBUTEV Children's wear
Where can I buy leather boots?
Kje lahko kupim usnjene škornje?
I would like ankle-high boots with laces / without laces.
Prosim, ene visoke čevlje z vezalkami. /
Prosim, ene visoke čevlje brez vezalk.

tennis shoes teniske
sandals sandale/opanke
hiking boots gojzarje
summer shoes lahke čevlje
with high heels z visokimi petami
with low heels z nizkimi petami
What color?
Kakšne barve?
What size?
Katero številko? (See the conversion table above.)
Do you have a larger size? / Do you have a smaller size?
Imate večjo številko? / Imate manjšo številko?

In express shoe-repair shops (ekspres popravilo čevljev) at a department store or elsewhere your shoes can be repaired while you wait. An ordinary shoe-repair shop (čevljarstvo) may do it right away if you ask.

Can you fix it? Can you do it right away?
Lahko popravite tole? Lahko naredite takoj?