The Ljubljana International Airport is served by scheduled non-stop flights from several European cities. Should you be traveling by train from Italy, the point of entry is Sežana; from Austria, Jesenice or Maribor. Citizens of European Community countries may enter Slovenia with a valid identity card only.

A tourist visa for entry to Slovenia will be stamped in your passport during the passport control at the Slovenian border or airport. You can ask:

A tourist visa, please.
Turistični vizum, prosim.
How long will you stay in Slovenia?
Koliko časa ostanete v Sloveniji?
One month. / Two months. / Three weeks.
En mesec. / Dva meseca. / Tri tedne.


In the summertime, when there are big tourist crowds, customs (carina) may not be the best place to practice your Slovenian. Customs officers know some English. Nevertheless it should be helpful to understand a few standard phrases:

Get your passport ready.
Pripravite potne liste.
Anything to declare?
Imate kaj za prijaviti?
Is this your luggage?
Je to vaša prtljaga?
What is in this suitcase?
Kaj imate v tem kovčku?
Personal belongings.
Osebne stvari.
Open it please ... O.k.
Odprite, prosim ... V redu.


Are you Mary?
Si ti Mary?
Are you Mr. Pogačar?
Ste vi gospod Pogačar?
How was your trip?
Kako ste potovali?
Very nice.
Hvala, dobro.
I have to change money.
Zamenjati moram denar.
Follow me.
Kar za mano.
I have to rent a car.
Najeti moram avto.
I have to call the hotel.
Telefonirati moram v hotel.
I'm going to find a telephone.
Grem pogledat, kje je telefon.
Where are we going?
Kam gremo?
To our home.
K nam domov.


Where are the luggage carts?
Kje so vozički za prtljago?
Porter! I need a porter.
Nosač! Kje je kak nosač?
Would you like me to take your luggage?
Želite, da vam peljem prtljago?
Where would you like me to take it?
Kam naj peljem?
To the taxi / rent-a-car / baggage check room.
Na taksi. / K rent-a-car. / V garderobo.


Major international companies rent cars in Slovenia. It is advisable to make reservations, but cars are usually available at airports. Gasoline is more expensive in Europe than in America, while rental costs are similar. (American Express or other credit cards are accepted in lieu of deposit as well as for payment.)

Where is the rent-a-car office?
Kje je rent-a-car?
Where is the information desk?
Kje so informacije?


Where is the taxi stand?
Kje je taksi?
Would you mind calling a taxi?
Mi lahko pokličete taksi?
What is the fare to Ljubljana?
Koliko računate do Ljubljane?
Help me with the luggage.
Mi pomagate pri prtljagi?
Where can I take you?
Kam naj vas peljem?
Here's the address.
Tukaj je naslov.
To the airport.
Na letališče.
Is it (still) far?
Je (še) daleč?
Not too far.
Ne preveč.
I'm in a hurry.
Mudi se mi.
Stop here, please.
Ustavite tukaj, prosim.
How much is it?
Koliko je?
Can you help me get a place to stay?
Mi lahko pomagate dobiti prenočišče?
Can you tell me, where I can change money?
Mi poveste, kje lahko zamenjam denar?


Foreign tourists are allowed to take unlimited amounts of foreign currency or travelers checks in and out of Slovenia. Current dollar and other foreign currency axchange rates are prominently displayed in banks and currency exchange offices (menjalnica). The latter can be found at all border crossings, international airports, and elsewhere. Rates are also quoted daily in Delo and other newspapers. You will be asked to show your passport when exchanging travelers checks. Check the current exchange rates at You can get local cash with your credit card at one of many ATMs. Make sure that the ATM is the appropriate one for your type of card before you insert it.

Can you change 300 dollars? / 100 pounds?
Mi zamenjate tristo dolarjev /
Mi zamenjate sto funtov?
What kind of dollars? American, Canadian, Australian?
Kakšne dolarje? Ameriške, kanadske, avstralske?
What is the rate?
Kakšen tečaj imate?
240 tolars to the dollar.
Dvesto štirideset tolarjev za en dolar.
How many tolars will you give me for 300 dollars?
Koliko tolarjev mi daste za tristo dolarjev?
Dvainsedemdeset tisoč.


Both city and inter-city buses are very popular in Slovenia. The fares are reasonable. Have exact fare ready when riding Ljubljana city buses, which can be recognised by green color. Drop it into the box next to the driver. Tokens (žetoni) can be purchased at news-stands located near the bus stops or at post offices. On inter-city buses, tickets are sold by the conductor and at the bus stations. Reservations may be required for long-distance international trips on express buses (e. g. Ljubljana-Zagreb). There is a slight charge for luggage stored in a special department by the driver. You can find the Ljubljana city bus schedule at

Where is the bus station/stop?
Kje je avtobusna postaja?
Which city bus goes to Slon Hotel?
Kateri lokalec pelje do hotela Slon?
Where does the bus for Vrhnika leave from?
Kje stoji avtobus za Vrhniko?
How many stops is it to Bavarski dvor?
Koliko postaj je do Bavarskega dvora?
Will you tell me when I should get off?
Mi boste povedali, kdaj moram dol?
When does the bus for Portorož leave?
Kdaj gre avtobus za Portorož?
When does the first/last bus leave for the return trip?
Kdaj gre prvi avtobus nazaj? /
Kdaj gre zadnji avtobus nazaj?
When is the next bus?
Kdaj je naslednji avtobus?
In 5 min.
Čez pet minut.

Every ½ hour.
Vsake pol ure.
How much is the ticket?
Koliko je vožnja?
Can you make change?
Lahko zamenjate?
Could you put my things in the luggage department?
Mi daste prtljago v prtljažnik?
May I have my luggage, please?
Mi daste prtljago, prosim?
Give me 10 tokens.
Dajte mi deset žetonov.

SAMO VSTOP Entrance only
ŠOFER SAMOINKASANT Purchase tickets from driver
REZERVIRANO ZA INVALIDE Reserved for handicapped people


For travel within Slovenia at a short distance you may take a rapid commuter train (motorni potniški vlak). To enter or to exit the country Inter-City (IC), Euro-City (EC), and business trains are available. They connect Slovenia with Munich, Vienna, Budapest, Trieste, Venice, Paris, Pula, Rijeka, Zagreb, etc. Arrivals (PRIHODI) and departures (ODHODI) are prominently displayed at stations. Buy tickets at the counter (BLAGAJNA/VOZOVNICE). It is advisable to take first class on long-distance trains; commuter trains have only coach class. When traveling by sleeper (spalnik), make advance reservations at the station or at a travel agency. Show your ticket to the conductor whenever requested. Antique trains take tourists on the sightseeing trips. Contact Slovenijaturist (Ljubljana, Slovenska 58, tel. (01) 291-30-71 or (01) 291-30-72) to obtain the timetable. Find further information on

Where is the railway station?
Kje je železniška postaja?
A one-way/round-trip ticket to Metlika.
Eno navadno karto do Metlike. /
Eno povratno karto do Metlike.
Two tickets.
Dve karti.
Three tickets.
Tri karte.
Children ticket.
Eno karto za otroka.
First class to Vienna. / A sleeper to Vienna.
Prvi razred do Dunaja. / Spalnik do Dunaja.
For tomorrow at 7.15 a.m.
Za jutri zjutraj ob sedem petnajst.

For tomorrow at 10.20 p.m.
Za jutri zvečer ob deset dvajset.
Where is the train for Zagreb?
Kje stoji vlak za Zagreb?
On platform 2, track 4.
Na drugem peronu, tir štiri.
Excuse me, is this the train/car for Murska Sobota?
Oprostite, je to vlak za Mursko Soboto? /
Oprostite, je to vagon za Mursko Soboto?
Is this seat vacant?
Je tu prosto?
Will you tell me, when to get off at Lesce-Bled?
Mi boste povedali, kdaj bo Lesce-Bled?
All aboard.
Potniki vstopite.
Tickets please.
Vozne karte, prosim.
Attention, please!
Pozor pozor!

NAGIBATI SE SKOZI OKNO JE NEVARNO Leaning out of the window is dangerous
NE NASLANJAJ SE NA VRATA Do not lean against the door
ZASILNA ZAVORA Emergency brake
ZA NEKADILCE Non-smokers
ČAKALNICA Waiting room
GARDEROBA Baggage check room


Carry with you the following documents: your regular driver's licence (vozniško dovoljenje), car registration (prometno dovoljenje), and international insurance certificate, the so called green card (zelena karta). If involved in a minor accident, fill the international accident report form, including the name and address of the other driver, or wait for the police. Gas stations offer full service and sell 91-, 95-, and 98-octane unleaded fuel only, recognized by green labels. Main gas stations operate 24 hours a day, the others operate from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m and are closed on Sunday. Many of them are self-service. For repairs go to a repair shop. Should your car break down at the expressway, call POMOČ-INFORMACIJE from the nearest telephone along the shoulder. They will dispatch a service mechanic and if necessary a tow truck to your car. Traffic signs, mostly symbols are the same as elsewhere in Europe. Be careful: there's no right turn on red. Speed limits are posted in kilometers: 130 for toll expressway, 100 for main highways, and 90 for other open roads. In town the speed limit is 60 kph. Observe the posted speed limits and follow the traffic. Find further information on

Excuse me, where can I find a gas station?
Oprostite, kje je bencinska črpalka?
Fill it up.
20 liters.
Dvajset litrov.
For 2000 tolars.  
Za dva tisoč tolarjev.
Brez svinca.
Would you clean the windshield?
Prosim, mi lahkoistite šipo?
Would you change the oil?
Mi lahko zamenjate olje?
Can you patch the tire?
Mi lahko zakrpate gumo?
Would you check the air?
Mi lahko preverite pritisk v gumah?
A road map of Slovenia.
Avtokarto Slovenije.
Where is a repair shop?
Kje je kakšen avtomehanik?
I need a tow truck.
Rabim vlečno službo.
I'm on the expressway Ljubljana-Postojna, kilometer 11.
Sem na avtocesti Ljubljana-Postojna, kilometer enajst.
My car has broken down.
Avto imam pokvarjen.
I am out of gas.
Brez bencina sem.
Would you help me to call the highway repair service?
Mi lahko pomagate poklicati POMOČ-INFORMACIJE?
The car won't start.
Avto ne vžge.
Can you drive me to a mechanic?
Me lahko peljete do mehanika?
There is something wrong with the engine/brakes.
Nekaj je narobe z motorjem. /
Nekaj je narobe z zavorami.
Would you come and look at it?
Greste pogledat?
Where is your car?
Kje imate avto?
Can you fix it right away?
Lahko takoj popravite?
When will it be ready?
Kdaj bo gotovo?
How much will it cost?
Koliko bo stalo?

Emergency phone numbers

Minor repairs & tow-service
Police POLICIJA 113
Ambulance REŠILEC 112

AVTOMEHANIK Auto repairs
VULKANIZER Tire repairs
EUROSUPER 95 Unleaded 95 octane fuel
OBVOZ Detour
DOVOLJENO ZA LOKALNI DOVOZ Access to residents only

Emergency phone numbers

Minor repairs & tow-service
Police POLICIJA 113
Ambulance REŠILEC 112

AVTOMEHANIK Auto repairs
VULKANIZER Tire repairs
EUROSUPER 95 Unleaded 95 octane fuel
OBVOZ Detour
DOVOLJENO ZA LOKALNI DOVOZ Access to residents only

Some vocabulary

accelerator plin
battery akumulator
belt jermen
brake zavora
bulb žarnica
car avto
clutch sklopka
distributor razdelilnik
engine motor
flasher utripalka
gear prestava
headlights luči
high beam dolge luči
key ključ
lock ključavnica
oil filter oljni filter
pump črpalka
radiator hladilnik
shock absorber amortizer
spark plugs svečke
steering wheel volan
stop light zavorne luči
tire guma
transmission menjalnik
warning triangle
varnostni trikotnik
wheel kolo
windshield wipers brisalci

Police may stop you either to check your driver's licence and car registration or because you failed to observe the traffic rules.

Your documents, please.
Dokumente, prosim.
You were driving too fast.
Prehitro ste vozili.
You are parked illegally.
Narobe ste parkirali.
Have you been drinking?
Ste kaj pili?
You have to take a sobriety test.
Pihali boste.


If you are planning to travel in peak season, making advance hotel reservations through a travel agency is advisable. In case you have not done so and are looking for accomodation in a major tourist center, tourist information offices can advise you on vacancies in hotels and homes renting out guest rooms (privatne sobe). Find private accomodation and hotel rates at or at

In hotels, breakfast is likely to be included in the price of the room. The polpenzion rate includes one meal in addition to breakfast, while polni penzion includes all three meals. Inns (gostilna or gostišče) may also have rooms (sobe or prenočišča). Some camp grounds (kamping) rent out cabins in addition to providing space for tents and campers.

I have reserved a room. My name is Biggins.
Rezerviral sem sobo na ime Biggins.
Do you have any vacancies?
Imate še kaj prosto?
We have a room with shower / without bath.
Imamo sobo s tušem. / Imamo sobo brez kopalnice.
For how many persons?
Za koliko oseb?
For one. / For two.
Za enega.
/ Za dva.
For how long?
Za koliko časa?
For one night. / For a few days.
Za eno noč.
/ Za nekaj dni.
What is the price (with breakfast)?
Kakšna je cena (z zajtrkom)?
Do you have anything less expensive?
Imate kaj cenejšega?
I would like another blanket/towel.
Rad bi še eno odejo. / Rada bi še eno brisačo (f.).
I would like fresh linen.
Rad bi svežo posteljnino. /
Rada bi svežo posteljnino
Please wake me up at 7.
Prosim, zbudite me ob sedmih.
Did you sleep well?
Ste dobro spali?
Did anyone call?
Je kdo telefoniral?
Is there any mail for me?
Je kaj pošte zame?
I would like to send this fax.
Rad bi poslal tale faks. /
Rada bi poslala tale faks
Can I have the key?
Ključ, prosim.
Room (number) 15.
Soba (številka) petnajst.
Where is the dining room?
Kje je jedilnica?
Where is the elevator?
Kje je dvigalo?


Which floor?
Katero nadstropje?

2 drugo nadstropje
American third floor
1 prvo nadstropje
American second floor
P pritličje
American first (ground) floor
K klet


Use phonecard-operated public phones for local calls and short international calls. Besides your hotel, the most convenient place from which to make a phone call to America is the post office. After completing the call, return to the clerk at the counter to pay. The Slovenian international calling number 00 is followed by a one- to three-digit code of the country you are calling, the area code, and the number. To reach your home in Cleveland, for example, dial 00-1-216-home number. From the U.S.A. you can call Slovenia: 011-386-area code-home number. Long-term visitors should consider buying one of the prepaid cellular telephone kits (mobi), which are sold at post offices and on gas stations. Find detailed information on phoning at http://www.telekom.tis and on mobile telephony with one of the providers.

Area codes in Slovenia

pok.gif (22068 bytes)

When calling outside your area, the number shown in the telephone directory should be preceded by area code shown on the map. Omit 0 when calling from abroad.

Some telephone numbers

988 Directory assistance for Slovenian telephone numbers
9100 Wake-up calls
9595 Exact time
901 To order a collect call (klic s plačanim odgovorom)

I would like to place a call to New York, number ...
Rad bi klical New York, številka ... /
Rada bi klicala New York, številka
(f.) ...
What is your phone number?
Koliko je vaša telefonska številka?
Excuse me, where's a phone?
Oprostite, kje je telefon?
Can I call from here?
Smem telefonirati od vas?
Where's a phone book?
Kje je telefonski imenik?
I'd like to make a phone call.
Rad bi telefoniral. / Rada bi telefonirala (f.).
No one answers.
Nihče se ne oglasi.
I can't get a connection.
Ne dobim zveze.
The connection was cut off.
Zveza je bila prekinjena.
Wrong number.
Napačna številka.
Who's calling?
Kdo kliče?
Hello, this is John from America.
Halo, tukaj John iz Amerike.
Whom do you want?
Koga pa hočete?
Is Jože there?
Je Jože tam?
I'd like to speak with him.
Rad bi govoril z njim.
I'd like to speak with her.
Rada bi govorila z njo (f.).
He/She'll be right here.
Takoj bo tu.
He/She is not home.
Ga ni doma. / Je ni doma.
He/She is comming in the evening.
Pride zvečer.
Can I take a message?
Naj kaj sporočim?
Could he/she call me at the hotel Union?
Me lahko pokliče v hotel Union?
When should I call again?
Kdaj naj spet pokličem?
Do you understand English?
Razumete angleško?
Where are you calling from?
Od kod kličete? /
Od kod kličeš
Long-distance telephone
I'm at the Ljubljana airport.
Sem na letališču v Ljubljani.
How do I get to your house?
Kako pridem k vam?
Wait, I'll be right there.
Počakajte, takoj pridem. /
Počakaj, takoj pridem
I'll be there in an hour.
Čez eno uro bom tam.
A telephone card, please.
Telefonsko kartico, prosim.


Slovenian post offices can be recognized by the horn on a bright yellow sign. Mailboxes are painted the same yellow color. Note that stamps can be purchased at some newsstands. For express delivery, DHL, UPS, EMS, and SkyPak are available. You'll get more information in English at

POŠTNO LEŽEČE General delivery
CARINSKA POŠTA Foreign parcel post

Where is the closest post office?
Kje je najbližja pošta?
Do you have any mail for me?
Je kaj pošte zame?
What is the name?
Na katero ime?
Stamps, please. One, two ...
Znamke, prosim. Eno, dve ...
Stamps for a letter. / Stamps for a picture post card, for America.
Znamke za pismo. / Znamke za razglednico, za Ameriko.
Send this by air-mail.
Pošljite tole letalsko.
domestic za doma
foreign za tujino
registered priporočeno
special delivery nujno
envelopes ovojnice
printed matter tiskovina
Picture post cards, please.
Razglednice, prosim.
I would like to send this package.
Rad bi poslal tale paket. / Rada bi poslala tale paket (f.).
The value is 10,000 tolars.
Vrednost je deset tisoč tolarjev.
What is in it?
Kaj je v njem?

Most post offices are open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.


Telegrams can be sent from any post office. Fill out the form Telegram, on which you will find the following items:

Naslov Addressee
Vsebina Message
Naslov pošiljatelja Return address

To send a telegram by phone, dial toll free 080 1410.

Electronic communication (e-mail) is available at copy services, cyber-cafes (find them at and at academic institutions. You will find your addressee from Ljubljana university, for example, under

I'd like to send a telegram.
Rad bi oddal telegram. /
Rada bi oddala telegram
Fill out the form.
Izpolnite obrazec.
Could I use your ball point pen?
Mi posodite kemični svinčnik?
Where can I access the Internet?
Kje lahko pridem do interneta?


Domestic money transfers can be made from any post office. Go to the window marked VPLAČILA (receiving teller). If the payment is to be made to a private person, the form to be filled out is called Poštna nakaznica. You will be given a receipt, and the money will be delivered by the mailman to the recipient. If the recipient is a business and you know their account number, the form to be filled out is called Položnica. If you need to wire money, go to the post office window marked TELEGRAF and ask for Telegrafska nakaznica. For international money transfers go to a bank.

Should you be sending money from the United States to someone in Slovenia, we suggest using a personal check or purchasing an American Express money order, available in most supermarkets in the States.