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Andreja Peterlin: Zapuščina Zvonimirja Cigliča

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Legacy of Zvonimir Ciglič

        In the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia at Zvezdarska ulica 1, Ljubljana, there are 27 boxes, contributed by the Slovenian composer Zvonimir Ciglič (born 20 February, 1921). The work is based on this legacy and is divided in five main parts describing his biography, his suffering during the World war II and under the communist regime which broke his health and prematurely ended his career as a composer, conductor and teacher, his works, his correspondence and literature about him and his music.
        The biography reveals a short but very tumultuous creative life, with ups and downs from Italian concentration camp in 1942 to imprisonment at the eve of liberation in May 1945 and during his military service in 1950 to the Award of the Presidium of the Slovenian government in 1948. During the war and immediately after it he created a few masterpieces which established his firm place in Slovenian music: Sinfonia Appassionata, Dancers' Shore, Concertino for Harp and String Orchestra, Symphonic Sketches, Nocturno and Bakhanal.
        He remained in touch with his students and many contemporary artists, writers, sculptors, actors, composers and conductors which is revealed in his correspondence. The last chapter is devoted to his interviews and other publications about him, which he meticulously collected and preserved. His opinions about music and matters of life reveal the soul of a great artist.

Stran je napisala Andreja Peterlin 23. septembra 2000; nazadnje je bila spremenjena 29. januarja 2001.

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